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Information Systems in a Rapidly Changing Economy

Since it was first held in 1993, ECIS has grown to become the leading European conference on management of Information Systems. Researchers from all over the world meet at ECIS to discuss the latest trends and findings.

The ECIS theme for 2005 is Information Systems in a Rapidly Changing Economy. This reflects the fact that in an economy shaped by the influences of globalisation, high volatility, and increasing complexity, information systems play a crucial role in making companies and public institutions more competitive and more responsive to change. IT systems help develop business architectures with the increased strategic and operational flexibility that is necessary to master the challenges of dynamic markets. Information and Communication Technology leads to higher efficiency and performance of value networks in e-business and e-government. It forms the foundation for new products and services. Its driving forces are leading society and the economy by leaps and bounds into the information age.

This is why we decided to include new topics at ECIS in addition to the classical ones. Sixteen tracks ensure that the ECIS offers the necessary range of topics while at the same time focusing on specific areas representing recent and significant trends in information systems and economic research.

For the first time, ECIS is taking place in Germany. The German Information Systems community is looking forward to hosting this outstanding conference. It will grasp thisopportunity to put its research to the test internationally and to gain valuable new ideas from the community of leading international researchers.

It is appropriate that this conference should take place in Regensburg. The city is firmly rooted in a rich historical tradition, but Regensburg also defines itself as an important location for high-tech companies with a flourishing software industry. Since the eastern enlargement of the EU, this region has moved to the centre of Europe. The University of Regensburg, in particular, acts as a bridge to the countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Both the city of Regensburg and the surrounding region offer many cultural and natural attractions as well as an academic atmosphere that creates a stimulating climate for the scientific discourse of the European and international IS community. Our international programme and organisation committees represent a high standard. We are looking forward to your contribution.

Dieter Bartmann

Conference Chair