New Technologies, Innovation and Infrastructure Development

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Track Chair: Jan Ljungberg, Gothenburg University, Sweden

Information systems have more and more taken the form of infrastructures and platforms, serving as a backbone for different sorts of applications. Like infrastructures, information systems are complex networks comprised of social, institutional, and technological actors. Thus, developing information systems has more and more taken the form of designing and cultivating information infrastructures. Large public infrastructures like the Internet and the World Wide Web, and corporate infrastructures like intranets have come to be the basic enablers of all sorts of activities, and interwoven in our daily lives as well as in core business functions. As such, information infrastructures become the backbone of new innovations in the form of services and technology. They are an important part of any innovation system at a corporate, regional, cluster, national or global level, and are thus a basic aspect of sustainable growth. Important issues concern the integration and interoperability of new technology with legacy systems and infrastructure already in place, the development and emergence of infrastructure and standards, as well as the affect these will have on future innovations. This track seeks theoretical as well as empirical papers on topics related to the challenges and opportunities in the development of innovations, infrastructure and new technology.

Suggested topics:
 -  Information infrastructure development
 -  Development and emergence of standards
 -  Regulation and policymaking concerning standards and infrastructure
 -  Diffusion and adoption of new information technology
 -  The role of IT for knowledge creation, innovation and innovation systems
 -  Information infrastructure, innovation and sustainable growth
 -  The role of information infrastructure for clusters and regional innovation systems
 -  Web technology’s affect on interoperability issues