IT in Tourism and Travel

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Track Chair: Marianna Sigala, University of the Aegean

Tourism and Travel is one of the largest, most global and rapidly expanding industries in the world. Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) are both enabling and revolutionising the industry, since information, collaboration and partnership are the lifeblood of the complex tourism-travel product. However, full exploitation and organizational integration of ICT features and functionalities require operators to reengineer their operating models, reconfigure their value chain-networks and redefine their business roles and relationships.

Tourism is here regarded in a wide sense, including a wide range of public and private organizations such as accommodation, transport and catering providers, attractions, event and festival organisers, destination management offices/organisations, tourism intermediaries (e.g. travel agents, tour operators, Global Distribution Systems).

The objectives of this track are to disseminate findings and exchange experiences on the development of new research theories, methodologies and applications. Theoretical, empirical, experimental, and policy-oriented contributions as well as case studies are welcome.

Suggested topics:
 -  ICT changes and tourism value chains and networks
 -  The changing roles of intermediaries: disintermediation vs reintermediation
 -  Multi-channel challenges and strategies
 -  Emerging business models
 -  SMEs and ICT applications and adoption
 -  CRM and mass customisation
 -  Dynamic packaging and pricing
 -  Knowledge Management and Tourism
 -  E-commerce models and adoption
 -  Virtual Reality and Tourism
 -  Supply Chain Management models and practices - e-procurement
 -  Internet and mobile applications in tourism