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Track Chair: Ton AM Spil, University of Twente

Information Technology application in healthcare has a long history that has led to complex legacy information systems. There are three kinds of system: Administrative, Medical technology and Patient Care. These three areas of IT application in healthcare try to integrate rapidly, which raises many problems. Increasingly, clinical workstations are being developed which interface with a variety of systems and should be accessible to a number of different users. This wide variety of platforms, data, applications and users poses an enormous challenge to IT management in healthcare. This integration is a prerequisite for the successful development and deployment of Electronic Health Records, which are expected to be the answer to an ever-increasing demand for healthcare without the appropriate financial budgets to meet these demands.

Suggested topics:
 -  Information strategy and architecture for healthcare information processing
 -  Electronic Health Records
 -  Adoption and diffusion of IS in healthcare
 -  Human Technology interaction in healthcare
 -  Standardization of information interchange (HL7, DICOM, EDIFACT, XML, CORBA, etc.)
 -  Advances in community health information networks
 -  Internet/intranet applications (e.g. medical protocols, patient information, etc.)
 -  Workflow management in healthcare chains
 -  Privacy issues versus the availability of data in the case of medical emergencies