Call for Nominations

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Nomination Requirements
 -  Students cannot apply directly but can only be nominated by an IS faculty member/academic.
 -  There can only be one nominee per school, university, or institution.
 -  The nomination should be in the form of a nomination letter from the nominating faculty member and should certify (1) that the candidate is the sole nominee from the university/institution; (2) that the candidate meets the eligibility criteria mentioned above;
 -  Ideally, the nominating faculty member should be the director of the IS doctoral program, the Dean of the College or Faculty, or the IS department's chairperson. If such individuals are not available, the student's dissertation advisor may do the nomination.
 -  In the case that more than one nomination is received from a university, and if we do not have enough information to resolve the issue, both nominations are likely to be rejected.

Nomination Process
To nominate a student, the Director of the Ph.D. program in Information Systems (or other appropriate person, such as the Department Chairperson, the College Dean, or the student's advisor) must email the following nomination package consisting of three separate Word or PDF files:
 -  A completed Nomination Letter;
 -  A completed Nominee Information Sheet and dissertation abstract; and
 -  A Dissertation Proposal Paper prepared by the doctoral student summarizing the
dissertation research, which contains no personal or institutional identifying information. The proposal should include a progress or status report and should not exceed 5,000 words.

All three items should be attached to a single email sent by the nominating academic/faculty to Karlheinz Kautz ( and copied to Günther Pernul ( to arrive no later than midnight of 31 January 2005. Incomplete nomination packages and nomination packages arriving after 31 January will not be accepted.

All nominations will be acknowledged. Those who do not receive confirmation are asked to notify either Karlheinz Kautz ( or Günther Pernul ( on or after 5 February.

Selection Process
 -  Selection to the ECIS Doctoral Consortium is competitive. Participants will be selected based on the quality of the proposed research, its potential significance and contribution to the IS discipline, the potential contribution the student is expected to make to the Consortium, and the potential benefit of the Consortium to the student's research. This assessment will be based upon a review of the Proposal Paper prepared by the doctoral student.
 -  The above review is for selection purposes only. There is no expectation that the review will provide feedback for improvement to those candidates not selected to the consortium.
 -  The Consortium will include a balance of students representing diverse research topics, methods, schools, and cultures.
 -  Participation is limited to 20 students. The language for the Consortium is English, and all submitted materials must be in English. Students must have sufficient proficiency in English to participate in the presentations, discussions, and other activities.
 -  Students must also have access to the Internet prior to their arrival at the Consortium.
 -  Students must commit to being involved in the Consortium for its entire duration.

Submission Format and Instructions to Authors
The paper outlining the candidate's research should be in the form of an abbreviated dissertation proposal. This paper should provide the research question or topic, a justification for the importance of the research with reference to information systems literature, a presentation of the theoretical basis or framework underlying the research, and a description of research approach and methodology. Also, the paper should include a progress report as an appendix, indicating the estimated completion date and the work that remains to be done as of the date of submission of proposal. The paper may not exceed 5,000 words.

The paper must be double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font, formatted for A4 paper. Papers should have a cover page with the following information:
 -  Title of the proposal
 -  Contact information for the candidate, including name, university, email address, mailing address, phone number, and fax number.

For your convenience we provide 2 documents to help you with your application
 -  Nomination Form, to be filled out by the nominating institution
 -  Nomination Letter, template to be adapted by the nominating institution

 -  Submission: 31 January 2005
 -  Notification of acceptance: 15 March 2005
 -  Doctoral Consortium: 23-25 May 2005