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Regensburg invites you to experience history, tradition and charm. The best preserved medieval city in Germany, Regensburg presents a perfect combination: an inviting skyline, impressive historic monuments, and legendary hospitality.

Two thousand years have remained alive here, and to fall in love with this town you dont need textbooks. Just stroll through the narrow streets and alleys, and you can get a feeling for life in the days of old. The remarkable buildings and towers offer an unspoiled look into the past. Castles, churches, monasteries and St. Peter´s Cathedral bear testimony to the grandeur of the era, which is also brought to life in the many museums with their valuable and fascinating collections. The Stone Bridge and the Old Town Hall, set in the heart of the medieval city, are among the most important historic buildings in Germany.

Some of the citys awesome and breathtaking structures have survived for 2000 years. The Porta Praetoria, for example, was built in the 2nd century by Emperor Marcus Aurelius as the north gate to the Roman camp, Castra Regina.

Regensburg is often referred to as the most Italian city north of the Alps, thanks to grandiose patrician houses whose Italian-style towers reach to the heavens and embellish the city skyline. All this is further enhanced by the citys magnificent location, situated at the northernmost point of the Danube in the midst of gently rolling hills.

In Regensburg, visitors experience an ancient town that is young and modern at the same time. In contrast with many other city centres, the residents have not been ousted by office-workers. The historic city centre has a healthy mixture of shops, offices, apartments, hotels, restaurants and cafes. Taste the delicious sausages at the Historic Sausage Kitchen or take a boat trip on the Danube.

With its 142,000 inhabitants, Regensburg is the lively centre of Eastern Bavaria. Rounding out a vital mix of art and culture are genuine Bavarian Gemütlichkeit and hospitality. Life is good in Regensburg, because here people still have time to welcome guests.

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