Semantic Web and IS

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Track Chairs: Gottfried Vossen, University of Münster, Germany; Miltiadis Lytras, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece

The Semantic Web (SW) poses new challenges to Information Systems. A first observation concerning the current situation is that the field of SW is dominated by rather technical approaches exhibiting a lack of multidisciplinary contributions and insights. From this perspective this track attempts to fill this gap, with a special emphasis on demystifying the Semantic Web and revealing novel opportunities for value exploitation.

With the common practice of considering the Semantic Web as a technology-driven phenomenon, we will contribute to a scientific debate, which reveals the practical implications and the research challenges of SW in the context of Information Systems. Our approach should go beyond the traditional research agenda of Information Systems and critical themes will be analyzed through a Semantic Web perspective in horizontal and vertical pillars.

The main objective is to communicate high quality research findings in the leading-edge aspects of Semantic Web and Information Systems convergence. This statement distinguishes this track from traditional SW tracks: Traditionally, the Semantic Web is treated as a technological phenomenon with the main emphasis on technologies, languages and tools without similar attention given to theoretical constructions or linkages to multidisciplinary references: Our focus is on the Information Systems Discipline and we are working towards the delivery of the main implications that the Semantic Web brings to Information Systems and the Information/Knowledge Society.

Suggested topics:
 -  Semantic Web Issues, Challenges and Implications in each of the IS research streams
 -  Towards the development of the Knowledge society
 -  New Semantic Web enabled Tools for the citizen/ learner/ organization/ business
 -  New Semantic Web enabled Business Models
 -  New Semantic Web enabled Information systems and knowledge repositories
 -  Integration with other disciplines
 -  Intelligent Systems
 -  Standards
 -  Semantic enabled business intelligence
 -  Enterprise Application Integration
 -  Metadata-driven (bottom-up) versus ontology-driven (top-down) SW development

(Endorsed by the AIS Special Interest Group on Semantic Web and Information Systems - AIS SIGSEMIS)