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Co-organised by itAIS - italian association for information systems (

Call for Participation

German and Italian Ph.D. Students are encouraged to submit:
 - a research proposal
 - a literature review
 - a research in progress paper
 - a full research paper

Main interest areas(not limited to this list):
 - e-government
 - IT innovations
 - Knowledge Management
 - IS development
 - IT & Organizational Change
 - Outsourcing

Important dates:
 - March 18th, 2005: Deadline for paper submission
 - March 30th, 2005: Deadline for position papers reporting work in progress
 - April 4th, 2005: Notification of acceptance to the workshop
 - May 25th, 2005: Workshop in Regensburg
 - July 15th, 2005: Submission of the revised paper

Proceedings will be published in Regensburg.

Programme Committee:
 - Alessandro D'Atri, Luiss Guido Carli, Rome
 - Marco De Marco, Catholic University, Milan
 - Marcello Martinez, Seconda University  di Napoli
 - Riccardo Mercurio, University  di Napoli Federico II
 - Dieter Bartmann, University of Regensburg
 - Thomas Hess, University of Munich
 - Stefan Kirn, University of Hohenheim
 - Susanne Leist, University of Regensburg
 - Erhard Petzel, International University Bruchsal

Organizing Committee:
 - Florian Allwein, University of Regensburg
 - Francesco Barbini, University  di Bologna
 - Franca Cantoni, University  Cattolica di Piacenza
 - Gianluigi Mangia, University  di Napoli Federico II
 - Rainer Mohr, University of Regensburg

Contributions should not exceed 5.000 words. Please send your contribution to:,